*Notice* As described below, I usually do my market stall on Saturdays and Sundays but because of the COVID-19 virus, my trading days are now quite sporadic. If you’re planning to visit my stall please email first to check I’ll be there: Hello@maythethoughtsbewithyou.com


My market stall is at Portobello Road Market in London's Notting Hill. I trade on Saturdays and Sundays but sometimes there are weekends I can't do due to illness, holidays or bad weather. If you're making a special visit to my stall it may be a good idea to email first to check I'm definitely going to be there. My email address is:



My stall is located at 281 Portobello Road, which is at the bottom of the road under the motorway bridge. Being under the bridge means I’m totally covered so I can trade even if it’s raining. I trade from 9.30am until 3pm.


On Sundays my stall is located at 101 Portobello Road, outside an antique shop called The Teapot Antiques Arcade. I trade from 10am until 4pm. However, if heavy rain is forecast then I do not trade as my stall is not very well covered!

Looking forward to seeing you at my stall, Charlotte x

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